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Q:   Do I need a licence??

A:   YES, you need a bike licence.  You will need one of the following:-

- Full bike licence or

- Probationary motorcycle licence (P-Plate) Must meet VicRoads Conditions or

- Motorcycle Learners Permit (L-Plate) Must meet VicRoads Conditions E.g High-Vis

These will be checked on the day!!  Race licences will not be accepted.


Q:  What Bike Registration do I need?

A:  Your bike must have either of the following:-

- Full Registration or

- Recreational Registration.

Your bike must have Registration plate affixed to your bike.  Stickers will not be accepted.


Q:  Does my bike need headlights & tail lights?

A:  Yes, your bike must have all accessories required for the bike to pass for Recreational Registration.


Q:  What if my bike is too loud??

A:  If you think your bike is too loud, well it probably is, so quieten it down with either baffles or a new pipe.


Q:  Do I need to ride both loops?

A:  No, you can decide if you want to ride both loops or just the first loop.  Up to you on the day


Q:  Will the Police Be in Attendance

A:  Yes Police may be in attendance, along with other authorities such as VicForest, DWELP etc, so make sure all licences are current and bike is registered, be smart and you should have no problems

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