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ADMCC is fortunate enough to be able to hold Two of Victorias best Motorcycle Rallies:


The Sawmill Rally Located in the Mansfield State Forest 

The Rubicon (Formerly Kenda) Rally Located in Rubicon State Forest

In some of the best riding environments in 'The High Country' of Victoria. These Rallies allow each individual rider, no matter their riding ability or riding style preference, the chance to get outdoors rain, hail or shine and enjoy the ride that ADMCC has worked hard to offer.

Each Rally consists of Two Enduro Loops that may but is not limited to; fast flowing terrain, single track, creek/river crossings, hill climbs and rocky sections which offers each rider the chance to develop a skill or set of skills should they have not had the opportunity to do so.... whilst doing it in a friendly and controlled event.

In the last few years we have had some inclement weather..... but hey who doesn't love the mud!


Grab your mates, grab your bikes, get out bush and have a ripper time!

Just remember to FILL OUT out the Rally Registration Forms and Pay

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