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Alexandra MCC
Kenda Rally 2014 Update 3 PDF Print E-mail

Well here we are just 2 weeks out from the 2014 Kenda Rally. Entries have come in at a steady rate and at this stage we have over 350 riders entered and ready to go.

If anyone is thinking of riding the Kenda rally, or if you have a riding buddy thats not yet on board-now is the time to get online and enter now for $80.00.

If you turn up on the day and enter it will be $100.00.

The direct deposit system has worked well for us this year. Those of you that have sent their entry forms and payment in by mail are all on the system and accounted for.

We have done our best to put all the team riders together whereever possible, so if you have marked your entry (and paid!) with a team name you will all start together.

The course

The rally committee will be having a pre ride of the course next Sunday, with members of ADMCC taking the oppurtunity to ride both loops and time the course. We can give you an update on conditions in the week leading up to the event, so keep an eye on the website or facebook.

The first loop is going to be 76k long - so make sure your tank is topped up for the start of the event. The second loop will not be quite as long at 73k. Its a great course and there are a few chicken and rooster options if it all gets too hard.

Brake pads can chop out quickly due to muddy conditions, so make sure your pads have plenty of meat before the ride, along with good tyres.

Food and Coffee

Amongst the sticks catering are providing food and drinks at the 20144 Kenda rally. They will be serving breakfast and lunch through the day with coffee and drinks available. So forget about the drive through on the way up on Sunday morning, save your change for the real deal at the rally start line!


We will be scrutineering all bikes on Sunday morning from 7.00am to just before the start time of 9am. There will be no scrutineering session on the Saturday night as we have done in previous years.

Make sure you have your licence and registration plate on your bike and we will be checking noisy bikes with the noise meter. Once your bike has passed scrutineering, we will keep your licence and afix a sticker and number on your bike to keep track of you through the event. This year we will have smaller helmet stickers for those bikes we can't fit stickers to. You can then place your bike in the line up in the parc ferme. There will be no starting of bikes in the line up until directed by Kenda officials

You will get your licence back at the end of the your days ride.

Rock Oil Run

The annual Rock oil run is an ADMCC tradition; part Stawell gift - part Buffalo stampede. Very spectacular! Riders in full riding gear run to awaiting Rock oil packs and almost anything goes. The event will happen between the riders briefing and just before the first riders set off.


There will be a limited amount of Kenda rall t-shirts, posters, stubby holders and stickers available at the rally. Bring your cash or credit cards (no eftpos) to merchandising tent and see the team for your piece of memorabilia.


There will be a limited amount of Kenda rally t shirt, stubby holders and stickers available at the rally. Bring your cash or credit cards (no eftpos) to the merchandising tent and see the team for your piece of kenda memorabilia.


Holeshot images will have official photographers around the course, taking action shots of all entrants and they will be available at the Holeshot images tent on the day or online in the week after the event. Check

Final Instructions

As we have mentioned before on our updates, space will be at a premium in the area we use for car parking, so wherever possible, get organised and fit 3 bikes on the trailer or ute. No trucks or buses will be permitted to enter the carpark due to the space constraints. Our car park attendants will ensure that we squeeze you all in.

Dogs and mini bikes - Dont bring them

Once again - bring enough fuel for 2 80k loops. You can refuel between each loop

Dont forget - for more details on where you can stay the night before the rally, we suggest you check out our first update for Motel and Caravan park accommodation for those wanting to make a weekend of it

You can keep up to date on your mobile phone with regular updates on the Kenda rally facebook page. Just like us and you will be in the loop.

Make sure you stick around after the event to be in the draw for prizes from our sponsors Ron Angel Wholesale, Kenda tyres and tuff tubes, AFAM sprockets, EK chains, Toy Lok Bike security products and Rock oil packs.

Our $500 cash prize for the biggest team is sponsored by another long term sponsor, K&J Thomas Motorcycles in Whittlesea. This award is worked out at the end of the day and id decided by how many riders finish the event. If you are in the running for this award, make sure you are there to collect your prize at the completion of the event.

There is no camping at the start finish site.

Final update with map will be posted on this site on Monday 28th April

Kenda Rally 2014 Update 2 PDF Print E-mail

Only 5 weeks to go before entries close for the 2014 Kenda rally. We already have over 200 riders paid up and ready to ride. If your thinking of getting on board with a few mates to do one of the best and biggest organised rides in Victoria, nows your chance.

Some of our entrants have asked whats expected of them as far as scruitineering of bikes is concerened. First up, there will be a noise test. If your bike looks as if it has a noisy muffler, you will be asked to start the bike and our noise tester will operate the decibel meter to ensure the bike comes in under the EPA Rule. If you have a stock muffler or an approved aftermarket pipe, there wont be a problem, but loud MX type pipes will not pass at this stage.

Then comes scrutineering stage, where essentially are scrutineers are looking for a bike that has a headlight and taillight afixed to the bike, is full or rec registered and the bike must be in a decent condition as far as brakes, spokes and wheel bearings are concerned. At this stage we will take your licence and afix a sticker with a number to your bikes headlight shroud. This number enables us to keep track of you through the day, and at the conclusion of the event, we return your licence to you once you have finished both loops.

This year scrutineering will be done on Sunday morning from 7am and once your bike has been scrutineered and numbered, it will be impounded in the parc ferme until you are ready to start the event.

There will be no Saturday night scrutineering at this years Kenda rally.

Due to a couple of near asthma attacks in the starting line due to carbon monoxide fumes last year, there will be no starting of bikes in the start line until your time comes to start. Event marshalls will let you know when it's safe for you to fire up your bike.

As far as preparing your bike for the event, it will be a matter of making sure your wheel bearings, chain and sprockets are in good condition, fresh brake pads for the big downhills, a spare tube in case of punctures and the most important of all - GOOD TYRES!

There is no better feeling at the start of an event, knowing you have a fresh set of Kenda knobs at the right pressure especially if it's wet.

Don't forget to bring enough fuel for two 80k loops and you can refuel between each circuit.

Remember - for more details on where you can stay the night before the rally, check out our update #1. There is no camping at the start/finish line.

Keep an eye out for any further updates on

We are also up on facebook, so like us and get updates on the rally on your mobile phone.

Kenda Rally 2014 Open PDF Print E-mail

Online entry for theĀ 2014 Kenda Rally are now open.

Please go to the Rally Entry page to complete your form.


If online registration isn't your thing, then go to the download page to get a pdf copy of the entry form.

Preference is for riders to register online and then make their payment via direct deposit or paypal.

Kenda Rally 2014 Update 1 PDF Print E-mail

8 weeks out from the 2014 Kenda Rally and all the hard work and preparation that goes into an event of this size is all starting to come together. Entries are rolling in and the direct deposit feature is doing its thing.

On our entry forms, both electronic and paper, there is a provision for you to fill in the rego number of your bike. This year you MUST fill it in, as with the new Vic roads policy of paperless registration labels, we must check every registration online to ensure that there are no unregistered bikes in the event. There will be no exceptions to this, so if you don't know what your mates rego number is, find out or don't enter him or her. Same thing goes for unregistered or nearly unregistered bikes.

No unregistered motorcycle will start the 2014 Kenda rally

Some of our entrants have asked for details on where they can stay the night before the rally and we suggest you check out our accomodation list (below) for Motel and Caravan parks for those that want to make a weekend of it.

There is no camping at the start/finish site.

The start/finish area at the Kenda has limited parking like the Sawmill rally, so we are asking entrants to car pool if possible to enable our car park attendants to fit you all in close to the start/finish area.

When you arrive on Sunday morning, follow the directions of our friendly traffic directors and park where directed.

For those of you that want to have a ride around on the Saturday before the event, please keep away from the rally area as we will be setting the course, and the overlapping loops and arrows will have you confused and lost easily - not to mention the head on accident factor. Unlike a lot of other events, the ADMCC welcome and encourage riders to come back after the ride and explore the areas many tracks and trails - just give us some room on the Saturday to make the event as well marked as we can!

The Alexandra District MCC values it's family friendly identity and this year, in conjunction with the Police Traffic operations group and Murrundindi shire, we have decided to make the event an alcohol free zone. Please leave your cans and stubbies behind and celebrate finishing the event once you get home.

We are now on facebook. Like us on facebook and you can receive updated information and pre-ride tips on you facebook page.

Don't forget to get your teams sorted for the biggest team award and win your $500 cash - see entry form for details.

Again, like last year, we are not mailing out return forms and numbers to entrants. We will upload an information link on our website 2 weeks before the event, with a map to the start area and other instructions to help you make the most of the great day. Rider numbers will be issued on the day at scrutineering.

If you have any other questions, please email us off the website.


The start finish area in the Rubicon Valley does not allow camping, so there will be no on site camping or entertainment on Saturday night. Here is a list of accommodation

Bluegums Caravan Park - 746 Back Road Eildon - 57742567 -

Boulevard Caravan Park - The Boulevard Eildon - 57742128

Breakaway Twin Rivers Caravan Park - Breakaway Road Acheron - 57721735

Eildon Caravan Park - Eildon Road Eildon - 57742105

Eildon Waters Holiday Park - Eildon Back Road Eildon - 57732386

Thornton Caravan Park - 1288 Goulburn Valley Hwy Thornton - 57732305

Yarrolyn Holiday Park - 3380 Maroondah Hwy Taggerty - 57747263 -

Alexandra Tourist Park - 5016 Maroondah Hwy Alexandra - 57721222 -

Buxton Hotel Motel - 2190 Maroondah Hwy Buxton - 57747381 - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Rubicon Hotel-Motel - 1362 Taggerty Road Thornton - 57732251 -

Golden Trout Hotel Motel - 1 Riverside Drive Eildon - 57742508

Alexandra Motor Inn - 76 Downey St Alexandra - 57722077

Commercial Hotel Alexandra - 65 Grant St Alexandra - 57721004

Eildon Holiday Resort - 515 Goulburn Valley Hwy Eildon - 57742415

Eildon Lake Motel - 2 Girdwood Pde Eildon - 57742800

Keep an eye out for any further updates on


Sawmill Rally

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